Difference Between Iced Tea and Cold Brew                                                                 

            Before I show you how to make cold brew tea, let me explain how it’s different from iced tea.   

Iced tea is made using a traditional hot brew method. The tea is poured over ice to create summer’s favorite drink.

On the other hand, cold brew tea is brewed with cold water. It can be poured over ice to create an iced tea drink, as well. Therefore, the main difference between iced tea and cold brew tea is the brewing technique (hot or cold).

  Super Easy  Way  to Make Iced Tea

         The secret to the best iced tea is to cold brew it. Step-by-step directions on how to cold brew tea at home that’s amazingly simple and easy.


  • TEA: 1 heaping teaspoon (5g)  loose-leaf tea
  • Ice:  1 cup 
  • Steep Time : 30 Minutes


           Any kind of tea, but green tea ,oolong tea is my favorite to cold brew.

    Green Tea

    Oolong  Tea



    Double Wall Glass Tea Infuser


    • Put tea in a pitcher or container

    • Add  ice 
    • Steep the tea for 30 minutes
    • Strain out tea leaves
    • Pour tea into a cup