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Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionAs the name indicates, this black tea is made of the leaves of ancient wild tea trees. This wild tree black tea is traditionally processed following the crafting method of Dian Hong tea and is uniquely bold yet delicate and emits a rich, unique aroma.Engage Your Senses AromaFloral an..
Comfort And Joy:Premium White Peony Box Comfort And Joy:Premium White Peony Box
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Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionWhite Peony, also known as Bai Mu Dan, is a sweet and delicate Chinese tea made from tender buds and the first new leaf. Freshly picked leaves only wither underneath sunlight without artificial intervention.Natural and slow oxidation that occurs during this process gives White Peony a war..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionSourced directly from Wuyi Mountain in Fujian,It's authentic high mountain tea.The tea leaves are endowed with a flavor like malt and cocoa with lingering fruit sweetness after unique roasted technique.You can see tight and tender black tea leaves with a hint of golden which implys its hi..
Loose Tea Caddy Collection Gift Bag Loose Tea Caddy Collection Gift Bag
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Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionThis colletion gift bag includes 4 different tea types:Wuyi Big Red Robe Oolong Tea Gift Caddy 40G:A characteristic mineral-rich flavor mellow into deep nuances of fruit or floral tones over time.Long-lasting fragrance and taste even after 7 times re-infused.Charcoal-baked Tieh Kwan Yin O..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionOnly selecting the tender buds as material,the young leaves are coated in a soft downy hair, known as trichomes, which give the tea it’s silvery-white appearance.The tea leaves will strecth when water infused and look like a flowering peony  hence its name"white peony" .White tea is ..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionThis premium wuyi golden black tea,as known as Jin Jun Mei, gets its name because of a plenty amount of tender golden tips which resemble eyebrows.As the top grade of wuyi lapsang souchong black tea,this rare artisan black tea is harvested at high elevation in the natural reserve area of ..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionSelected Yunnan ancient tea plants leaves as raw materials, it's more smooth and mellow than ordinary Pu erh tea.After three-years stored, The naps attached to tea leaves turn into golden color.Ripe tea is rich in theaflavins which play role in digestion,heart health and brain health.That..
Premium White Peony (Bai MuDan) Tea Premium White Peony (Bai MuDan) Tea
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Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionWhite tea is one of six types of tea in China.This product is composed of tender tea tips of a precious white tea, processed by a traditional technique.The tea's natural leaf shape is grey-green in color with fine hairs.The brewed tea tastes sweet,mellow with a lasting aroma.The tea is st..
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Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionWhite tea is one of six types of tea in China.This product is composed of tender tea tips of a precious white tea,processed by a traditional technique,and then stored for many years.The tea is stored in a dry,ventilated and odor-free environment and is oxidized naturally.The tea's natural..
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Sichuan Snop Drop Jasmine Sichuan Snop Drop Jasmine
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Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionFreshly picked green tea leaves from high mountain in Sichuan scented with aromatic Jasmine flowers.The scenting of the tea is a unique process that takes several days, resulting in an exquisite cup of jasmine tea. The Jasmine flowers are picked in misty twilight when they are the most fr..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
Description913  Taiwan High Mountain Oolong  Tea-Taiwan High Mountain Oolong consists of a high quality green oolong harvested from the mountains of central Taiwan. The steeped tea has a light green-yellow hue, mild sweet flora aroma, fresh initial flavor, and a mild sweet floral aftertast..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionTieh Kwan Yin is a legendary oolong tea from the Fujian province in China. It is one of china’s most beloved oolongs and is extremely time consuming to produce, over a dozen distinct steps in the processing are observed. Our fine version of Ti Kwan Yin produces a cup that is warm, soft, a..
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