Tea is a very familiar drink, and more and more people like to drink tea now. However, people often brew the tea, pour away the tea, causing waste. The leftover tea leaves still have a lot of wonderful tricks actually, so let me teach you how to make waste profitable.

             Tea is a natural skin care product . Since it is rich in vitamins, and tea polyphenols. It has a good maintenance effect on the skin. Scrubbing the skin with tea from time to time can improve our skin. It is very effective in removing problems such as dull skin. Many friends like to use a lot of skin care products for skin maintenance, but tea is pure natural. It is rich in vitamin C, caffeine, theanine with very strong antioxidant effect.

           Serve as potted fertilizer . This method I believe some friends know. The leftover tea is a good fertilizer for watering the plants. Many friends take out the tea leaves left over from drinking and use them to water the flowers and trees. The potted plants will flourish. This also has something to do with the meaning of fallen leaves returning to the root. But the number of watering should not be too many; after all, too much is as bad as too little.

         Remove peculiar smell . Often a lot of miscellaneous things are put in the refrigerator, which produces peculiar smell after long time and smells very uncomfortable. In fact, after the leftover tea is dried in the sun and put in a corner of the refrigerator, it is very useful to alleviate the refrigerator smell. Because tea is rich in pectin, it has a lot of pores on the surface, which, like activated carbon, has a strong adsorption effect for moisture and odors. Similarly, tea leaves also work well in shoes.

           Wash pan bowls, wipe the table .The tea that remains after drinking can be used to wash a pan, bowl, basin not only quickly, but also keep the tableware look smooth and clean as new. The washed bowl still has a light tea fragrance. In the same way, when it is used to clean tables and chairs and other objects, the effect is not worse than cleaning agent.

   You will never know that the leftover tea still has so many effects. Did you feel that you have wasted so much before?