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Premium Pu-erh Tea

Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionPu'er tea is one of the ancient tea varieties. Pu'er tea is produced in various tea areas in Yunnan Province, China, with an altitude of more than 1800 meters. The tea trees fully absorb the essence of the green mountains, rain and nature, and are refined by the unique traditional tea mak..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionPu-Erh Tea is one kind of ancient tea.Pu-Erh Tea is produced in Yunnan alongside the Lancang River at 1800 meters above sea level.Those tea trees have fully absorbed the natural essence of the snow water in the green mountain.The tea is carefully prepared by special traditional tea produc..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionRare Wild Arbor Ripe Pu'erh Tea - Best Chinese Puerh Loose Leaf Tea - Aged Yunnan Shou Cha - Gongfu ChaEngage Your SensesAromaAged woody scentLiquorBright deep red..
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