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Tea Gifts

Tea Gifts for Tea Lover

Great gift that is perfect for any occasion for people in your life.

Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionDeep within the forests of Yunnan, China, a special type of tea is made, one that is unlike any other: Pu'er. Engage Your SensesAromaLight floral and freshly toasted nutsLiquorGolden yellow..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionTaiwan  High Mountain  Oolong is one of the most intriguing Taiwanese high mountain oolong teas one can purchase! It is grown in tea gardens in Li Shan (Li Mountain), appx. 2,000 meter. Its sweet and bold flavors are directly and solely influenced by the high level of mineral in..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionThis tea is harvested from the natural environment of the Wuyi Mountains.With year round low temperatures,thick clouds,and humid air,the soil is rich in organic substances,the tea trees suffer few insect damages ensuring the tea leaves are protected.To retains its premium quality,the..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionTieh Kwan Yin is a legendary oolong tea from the Fujian province in China. It is one of china’s most beloved oolongs and is extremely time consuming to produce, over a dozen distinct steps in the processing are observed. Our fine version of Ti Kwan Yin produces a cup that is warm, soft, a..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionThe smooth oolong tea is scented with fresh osmanthus flowers to produce this light, refreshing and enjoyable tea. Osmanthus flowers are one of the most popular flowers that is used to blend with tea, particularly with oolong. Oolong by itself already has multilayered floral tasting notes..
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