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Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionThis green tea is produced in the tea harvesting region in the Leshan City,Sichuan.Tea tips are plucked from a medium-and small-leaf variety,and then refined by fixation,shaping,drying,and other processing techniques.The tea is flat,straight and smooth in shape,and its color is tender gre..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionThe humid climate, abundant rainfall lingering mist and early rising temperature in spring ensure that Emei  Mountinin the Sichuan Province is a high-guality tea harvesting region. The early spring Emei Zhen is produced in the high altitude Emei  Mountain tea harvesting region ...
Brand: TenFu's TEA
· Dry Leaf · Curly and tight, green and yellow with hairs · Aroma ·The rich fragrance of jasmine · In the Cup · Clear & Bright · Taste ·Crystal clear and sweet..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionSelected early spring arbor ancient tea in Bada mountain, Yunnan, pressed by traditional craft after natural curing. Rich aroma, durable and sweet aftertaste, gold and bright tea water. Benefits of Pu’er Raw Tea:Raw tea means placing tea leaves naturally after picking up fresh tea leaves ..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionAs the name indicates, this black tea is made of the leaves of ancient wild tea trees. This wild tree black tea is traditionally processed following the crafting method of Dian Hong tea and is uniquely bold yet delicate and emits a rich, unique aroma.Engage Your Senses AromaFloral an..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionOur selection of three tea blends, each fresh and healthy. The most celebrated Mother's Day of the year asks for a special gift. This festive season, gift a box of health and express your care for your loved ones whom you treasure the most.In the BoxSweet Olive Flower Oolong Mini Tin 120G..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionWhite Peony, also known as Bai Mu Dan, is a sweet and delicate Chinese tea made from tender buds and the first new leaf. Freshly picked leaves only wither underneath sunlight without artificial intervention.Natural and slow oxidation that occurs during this process gives White Peony a war..
Luxury White Peony White Tea Mini Bricks Gift Collection 384G Luxury White Peony White Tea Mini Bricks Gift Collection 384G
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Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionOnly selecting the tender buds as material,the young leaves are coated in a soft downy hair, known as trichomes, which give the tea it’s silvery-white appearance.The tea leaves will strecth when water infused and look like a flowering peony  hence its name"white peony" .White tea is ..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionThis premium wuyi golden black tea,as known as Jin Jun Mei, gets its name because of a plenty amount of tender golden tips which resemble eyebrows.As the top grade of wuyi lapsang souchong black tea,this rare artisan black tea is harvested at high elevation in the natural reserve area of ..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionSelected Yunnan ancient tea plants leaves as raw materials, it's more smooth and mellow than ordinary Pu erh tea.After three-years stored, The naps attached to tea leaves turn into golden color.Ripe tea is rich in theaflavins which play role in digestion,heart health and brain health.That..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionBiluochun (also Pi Lo Chun) is a Chinese green tea. Its name literally means Green Snail Spring, which comes from the tightly rolled leaves, resembling snail meat and from the fact that it is harvested in Spring.Engage Your Senses AromaEarthy, clean, early moring meadow LiquorRi..
Brand: TenFu's TEA
DescriptionDragon Well is one of China's 10 most famous teas. It's a pan-baked tea over hot woks. The leaves are flattened during the heating process. To be authentic, Dragon Well,as known as Long Jing, must be grown in the Zhejiang province of China.Green teas picked before the Qing Ming Festival o..
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