Your Choice of Teas Says About Your Personality

The old saying"life is like a cup of tea" is well known.Yes, apparently you can tell what sort of person you are by the tea you favor! Are you a big red robe lover.a green tea drinker, a fan of pu-erh tea or a lover of flower tea?

Read on to find out what your drink says about you and your personality.

Big Red Robe Oolong Tea

Personality: Stability

This type of people usually appear as leader and organizer with dull facial expression. They live a relatively serious life in favor of social orders. They are usually self-confident and can respond to the environment swiftly and timely.

Tieh Kwan Yin Oolong Tea

Personality: Exploration

This type of people are frank with extreme curiosity and diligence. They are enthusiastic about reading and pursue the information too much.

They are always the idealists willing to defend the highest values they believe with the goal-orientation. They usually respond quickly without too many considerations and evaluations.

Pu-erh Tea

Personality: Tolerance

This type of people are often generous without losing connotation. They are tolerant to all in the world. With seemingly careless attitude, they are extremely serious about themselves.

White Tea

Personality: Healing

They are jovial in nature with sense of humor and can create a good atmosphere to bring mediating effect on others. They are good at organizing parties and like to take care of others with multiple hobbies.

Green Tea

Personality: Creation

They are jovial people with great efficiency in behavior and speaking. They can do everything fast except for falling asleep.

The busy life always makes them nervous and unable to relax. If everything never goes as smoothly as expected, they are easily to become impatient.

Black Tea

Personality: Tenacity

It’s their biggest advantage to challenge difficulties with great courage because they know the difficulties will add more colors of their lives.

Maybe they’re so critical that their stubbornness usually make people around hard to understand. They might as well try to consider issues from the perspective of others and inspire more people with their enthusiasm.