Spring tea generally refers to the tea collected from the buds and leaves that germinate for the first time after overwintering, which is called spring tea. Spring tea is rich in nutrients, so the mesophyll is thick, the content of aromatic substances and vitamins is high, the taste is fresh and cool, the aroma is strong, and the shape is tight and heavy. In full expectations, the spring tea season is coming.

        Have you tasted the spring tea this year?

        It is said that spring tea is good, but what is so good about it?

        1Spring tea is the most nutritious.

        After the rest and recuperation of the whole autumn and winter, the tea tree is in a state of accumulation and rich in energy storage. The temperature keeps low in spring, which ensures that the tea plant gets sufficient nutrients and consumes very little at the same time, keeping the tea plant more nutritious.

        2. Spring tea has the highest amino acid content.

        Amino acid is not only the decisive factor of tea taste, but also an important substance needed by human body. Because of the low temperature in spring and the large temperature difference between morning and evening, day and night, the decomposition rate of amino acids is much lower than its accumulation rate, so the accumulation of amino acids in spring tea is the most abundant and the highest in one year.

        3. Spring tea has a long aroma and lasting flavor.

        The aroma of spring tea accumulates and feels long-lasting. The refreshing aromatic alcohols and their oxides are high in the aroma components of tea, which forms the fresh aroma of spring tea.

        4. Spring tea tastes the most delicious.

        Tea polyphenols, amino acids and some esters affect the taste. The high content of amino acids in spring tea reduces the phenol-ammonia ratio and determines the freshness of spring tea. Therefore, the refreshing taste of spring tea is incomparable to that in other seasons.

        5. Spring tea awaken people’s memories of spring.

  You can see the whole spring in a cup of tea. Tea is a collection of memories, drinking tea in any season, you can feel the beautiful spring and it’s like spring all the year round.