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History of TenFu
Chinese tea culture is a living art .TenFu Group is dedicated to the globalization of this beautiful art by continuously developing ,improving and perfect the art of tea .

History of TenFu

1993  TenFu Group was established by President Lee Rieho in 1993   
1994  TenFu Group opened first franchised store in FuZhou China  
By September of 2019. TenFu Group has opened more than 1145 franchised stores in China . The goal of TenFu Group is to make every customer feel right at home whenever he or she sees the white and green logo ,walk into one of the traditional Chinese -Style stores ,and enjoys a complimentary cup of Tenfu tea.
1997  Official souvenir featuring TenFu’s “813 Oolong Tea’ for the 1997 Asia -Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Vancouver ,Canada.  SHOP NOW ▶ (813)
1999 Ten Fu’s TEA has obtained ISO22000 Safety Management Certification .
Tenfu has obtained HACCP Quality Management Certification and ISO22000 Safety Management Certification. Some export grade teas by Tenfu have also qualified for the international organic tea processing certification. Such certificates will act as positive motivations to better quality control going forward.
2000 Chairman Mr. Lee Rie-Ho was given the honor of “Worldwide King of Tea” by People’s Daily.
2001 Official souvenir featuring TenFu’s “Jasmine Pearls Green Tea” for the 1997 Asia -Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Shanghai,China .SHOP NOW ▶
2002 TenFu Group has established world’s largest Tea Museum -TenFu Tea Museum in ZhangZhou, Fujian . The construction of the Tenfu Tea Museum began early in the year 2000 and reached completion in 2002. The completed Tenfu Tea Museum encompasses a total area of 8.67 hectares and is the largest Tea Museum in the world at present.
2003 TenFu Group established a muti-faceted tourist spot,it is the first of its kind in the world.
It has been granted honorary titles of the state's level and provincial level such as the National AAAA-grade Tourist Attraction.Tangshan(i.e.mainland China)to Taiwan Stone Sculpture Park is the main attraction of the Tenfu Xis-Shan Expressway Rest and Service Area. Tenfu Xia-Shan Rest and Service Area encompasses 130 hectares and is divided into four sections:the rest and service area,the sculpture park,the sightseeing tea garden and the Monument Park of General Pi DingJun .
2004 Chairman Mr. Lee Rie-Ho was honored with the ‘Ambassador of Peace” during the UN International Week of Science and Peace.
2005 Official souvenir featuring TenFu’s “A Li Mountain Oolong Tea ” and “Taiwan Pineapple Cake ” for the 2005 Asia -Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Busan ,Korea .
TenFu Group has established the First tea college in the world -Zhangzhou college of science &technology
Zhangzhou college of Science and Technology ,formerly know as TenFu tea college ,which is invested by TenFu Group ,is the first college that is dedicated to the development of tea and other tea -related fields .Approved by Fujian People’s Government and Ministry of Education, the college has been open to students since the autumn of 2007 .Situated in Pantuo ,Zhangpu of Fujian Province , near the national road of 324 ,the collage covers an area of 86.7 hectares with 200,000 square meters completed as the first period of the whole project .Surround by mountains and lakes ,the college boasts convenient transportation and advanced teaching facilities as well as highly qualified faculty members.
Official souvenir featuring Tenfu ‘s specially designed gift set for the 2009 Asia -Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Singapore
TenFu successfully listed in HongKong in 2011 , and has long been regarded as the NO.1 tea company in China ‘s tea industry .
Official souvenir featuring TenFu’s “MY TEA ” series for the 2014 Asia -Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Beijing ,China.
Earned the honorary title of “the most influential entrepreneur in Fujian province in the last 40 years since the reform and opening up” in December, 2018.
In 2019, TenFu Group held the “King of Tea” competition, in which numerous different teas were exhibited. With the strong aspiration for a even higher quality and the enterprising idea that “ there is always a better one to pursue”, Tianfu Group boasts a professional platform and a top-ranking panel of evaluation experts, which provide a solid foundation for the superb quality of those participating teas in “King of Tea” competition.